Broken Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs Types

Being a home owner isn’t easy and a problematic garage door can be a nightmare. Sometimes it seems like problems arise out of nowhere and you are left dealing with them. Especially when dealing with a broken garage door springs.

No matter if your garage door is set-up with extension or torsion springs, the springs are rated for 10,000 cycles or 10 years, whichever happens first. Torsion springs allow your door the ability to function properly and safely.

Keep in mind that your garage door springs are under an extreme amount of tension, which allows the garage door to be opened and closed easily. This tension makes the springs very dangerous to be around. When the garage door springs break, it is best to get them replaced right away.

A Word of Caution

Garage door springs are very dangerous – when those springs are broken they can be even more dangerous – please NEVER forget this! For this reason,

it is recommended that you DO NOT attempt the repair. Even if you are very “handy” around¬†the house,

a mistake while attempting this repair can lead to very serious injury of death.

My Garage Door Spring Broke, Now What?

First and most important thing to do or “NOT” to do is PANIC. When your garage door springs have broken panicking will make this frustrating ordeal moire stressful. Take a breath and follow the advice below…

Never Try To Force The Door Open Or Close – Keep in mind that your garage door weighs over 400 pounds, it is best to leave it be.

Never Disengage Your Opener – The garage door opener’s arm (bar connecting the opener to your garage door) may be
the only thing holding the door up. Releasing the emergency cord can cause the door to slam down frightening fast if open.

Never Attempt This Repair Yourself – Even if you are very “handy” around the house,
read all the “DIY” articles and watched all the YouTube videos; this repair job is very dangerous and risky.
It is best to call a professional at Genesis Garage Door Repair.

Must Call Work – You do not want to anger or upset your boss, you should call your work immediately
to inform them you will be late considering the situation.

Never Try To Force The Garage Door Open Or Close – Remember earlier we said your garage door weighs over 400 pounds,
best to leave it be.

Must Call Genesis Garage Door Repair – Our highly skilled and experienced will arrive to your home or business,
evaluate the issue and replace your garage door springs in the most timely manner 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

Must Grab A Cup Of Coffee (optional) And Relax – Relax and enjoy visiting your favorite social media channels,
read the paper or watch a little tv; Genesis Garage Door Repair is there for you…..

Does the picture look like your spring?

Your garage door springs look anything like the picture, then you are suffering from broken garage door springs. Now, your garage door springs do not look like the picture and your garage door still will not move; there could be several of other factors causing issues.If your garage door is being problematic, broken springs or another issue, grab you phone and immediately give us a call. Do not hesitate, we offer free estimates and same day service.